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[FS] The house of the dead 3 - PC

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Wed 28 Jul 2010, 00:36
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Platform: PC
Category: Other
Publisher: SEGA
In The House of the Dead III, the player is given options for navigating through the game prior to the start of most stages, ultimately going through the same areas with different results dependent on the order chosen. Another important difference is the absence of civilians. Unlike the first two The House of the Dead games, in which players could rescue various people in peril, The House of the Dead III contains no extra personnel beyond those central to the plot (one way of interpreting this is that all personnel in the building became infected and subsequently became Zombies). Instead, "Rescue Events" occur during each stage in which the player will need to rescue their partner from attacking zombies. An extra life is rewarded for each successful rescue.

Minimum System Requirements

Windows ME/2000/XP
Pentium 1.0GHz or higher
DirectX 9.0c or higher
8x CD ROM Drive
640x480 32bit display
700MB HDD space
Direct 3D graphics card & 64MB VRAM

Recommended PC
Pentium 1.4Ghz or higher
256MB RAM or higher

Download tại SYc3sxE/HouseOfTheDead3.part1.rar 4FnX2Xj/HouseOfTheDead3.part2.rar yMk4b8h/HouseOfTheDead3.part3.rar F24sVFg/HouseOfTheDead3.part4.rar GW6BJsv/HouseOfTheDead3.part5.rar

[FS] The house of the dead 3 - PC

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